Legal reporting that makes you look good

Producing reports to show your value has never been this easy.

Take complete control of spend

E-billing, invoice management, and approval processes all come standard. But LawVu is so much more than just an e-billing tool. We’re fundamentally changing the conversation about the way your trusted partners think about the value they deliver to your organisation.

Measure your team’s KPIs

Turnaround times, capacity, efficiency and a plethora of other metrics are all captured transparently and turn into insights that help you and your team deliver maximum value

Track outside counsel performance

LawVu combines actual end-user feedback, with data to deliver the most comprehensive outside counsel performance management insights ever.

Analyze trends to make better decisions

You don’t need to retrain as a technologist to build tools that show you trends. If you need to hire someone to handle a particular work-type more efficiently, if a particular department has a spike in litigation work, or if hourly rates start creeping up, we’ll show you that data out of the box.