Be more productive

According to the The 2022 In-house Legal Technology Report, 67% of legal professionals say that time spent on manual, administrative tasks takes time away from working on larger business goals. Growing workloads, greater complexity and a changing business environment are constantly adding to that volume of tasks – causing teams even more roadblocks to the strategic work that in-house legal… Read More »

Be more engaged

Once you have established greater legal team productivity, the next step to becoming a more Connected Legal Function is optimizing engagement with the wider business. Technology can help by creating a space that streamlines the interactions between legal and business, promotes self service, and ensures your team can collaborate with all the information you need… Read More »

Be proactive and impactful

Now that you have more time as a result of productivity gains, and stronger engagement with the business, you have the opportunity to work in a more proactive and impactful way. In the final webinar of the series, we’ll show you how you can use tech to proactively manage one of your most important areas… Read More »