Be proactive and impactful

Learn how you can be proactive and impactful by gaining control, having visibility and empowering your business.

Now that you have more time as a result of productivity gains, and stronger engagement with the business, you have the opportunity to work in a more proactive and impactful way.

In the final webinar of the series, we’ll show you how you can use tech to proactively manage one of your most important areas of work — contracts management—and leverage data to amplify the impact you have on the business.

Talking points

  • You can benefit from managing matters and contracts in one place To stay on top of your work with lifecycle management capabilities
  • Implementing self-service capability helps your legal team scale its services and proactively add more value to the business
  • To showcase legal’s value to the business and be more impactful through data


Ashely Bass
LawVu - VP of Product Marketing
Jen McIver
LawVu - Director of Strategy - US