Three ways to successfully close M&A deals with LawVu

Oct 13, 2022

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How in-house teams can leverage LawVu to improve due diligence and successfully close more M&A deals

Recently, most of the AmLaw 100 have begun using artificial intelligence (AI) powered contract analysis technology such as Kira Systems to complete due diligence more accurately and efficiently. This technology accelerates the contract review process by helping law firms deliver more comprehensive due diligence to clients more quickly.

Now LawVu brings this functionality to in-house legal teams with AI Contract Import & Review. LawVu is a legal workspace that helps in-house legal teams collaborate and work more efficiently. The new AI Contract Import & Review feature is designed to help in-house legal teams import bulk sets of contracts and then review those contracts directly within LawVu, quickly and easily. With this functionality, in-house legal teams will be able to add new sets of contracts to their legal workspace much more efficiently than they would otherwise have been able to do manually.

Create accurate sales projections and prove revenue

Using AI Contract Import & Review means that legal teams can quickly review material contracts and prepare reports of their portfolio from within LawVu, making it easy to create accurate sales projections and prove revenue. This not only saves the legal team a mountain of time, speeding up and reducing the cost of a due diligence process, but also enables lawyers and other relevant stakeholders to get an instant high-level overview of the contract set.

Transparency is key to closing M&A deals. With the AI Contract Import & Review feature, LawVu’s customers can reimagine the due diligence process and take control of timelines.

Surface key data to stakeholders

Being able to accurately present key data to necessary stakeholders in advance of a deal closing can have a significant impact on how the deal plays out. Unearthing risky provisions early in the process could be the difference between the deal closing or not. Alternatively, it could save both sides weeks or even months of wasted time trying to close a deal that is fundamentally flawed.

Quickly integrate new business into your contract repository

The value of an up-to-date contract repository extends far beyond the due diligence process. Identifying and valuing a target that could have a transformative impact on a company’s revenue or growth trajectory is not easy. Integrating that target into an existing business to best realize the value is even less so, perhaps partially because that is when shortcomings in the vision come to light.

The speed at which a buyer can integrate a target into their business will impact the deals’ success, and so adding a target’s contracts to LawVu creates a single source of truth that the whole business can leverage.

LawVu gives overworked legal teams back time by making legal efficient, transparent, and accessible to everyone. Contracts and matters are seamlessly connected within LawVu, alongside Knowledge and Business Portal, forming one holistic and comprehensive source of truth the entire business can leverage.

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