What if...

you could automate legal admin, freeing up time for strategic work?

you could guarantee continuity if someone leaves the legal team?

you could scale your legal team without adding headcount?

you could combine all your legal processes into a single platform?

Welcome to a better way of getting legal work done

Rapid business change, growing workloads, staffing concerns and economic pressure make scaling your legal services imperative.

But scale is impossible with siloed systems, scattered data and inefficient workflows. That's why you need a legal workspace: the one platform you need to set your team up for success and drive the business forward.

LawVu legal workspace
Matters, contracts, spend, intake & insights

Point solutions
Standalone CLMs, e-billing solutions, intake portals etc
Homegrown or horizontal solutions
Solutions not built specifically for in-house legal

A modern, unified platform designed to manage all in-house work
Manage matters, contracts and spend in one place for a richer repository, better visibility and greater efficiency with consolidated workflows and data.

A single place for the business to engage with legal
Centralize intake, self-service and collaboration to speed up cycle times and enhance service delivery for everything, including contracts.

Consolidated data, insights and reporting
With spend, contract, and matter management data in one place you'll save time, improve decision making, and easily showcase value.

Secure AI capabilities for multiple use cases
Speed up more workflows and get better insights with a range of AI capabilities that work within modules and across the workspace.

One vendor for implementation, support and integrations
Manage multiple workflows with less overhead, lower cost and better adoption.

Easy to scale and align with your needs
Get started quick, then add capabilities and evolve your system without large implementation projects and professional services as your team and business change.

A legal workspace consolidates my tech and delivers:

  • Greater efficiency
  • Higher ROI
  • Less risk
  • Better ability to scale
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"Excellent Application, Even Better Service"

Submitted: 3/11/2024
What do you like best about LawVu?
It makes it so simple to see who is doing what on our team. I can easily tell what tasks still need to be accomplished, where we are in the process, who we are waiting on, and what they need to do. It's so convenient to have everything all in one place. We have our entire company using it daily for all legal requests.
What problems is LawVu solving and how is that benefiting you?
LawVu is solving the problem of the 'squeaky wheel' - now, work gets completed when it needs to be done, in order of importance and when it was submitted, not just whatever is asked for the loudest.

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