LawVu contract and matter management in action

On-demand demo topics

  • Connecting matters and contracts to streamline workflow and create context
  • Creating a repository and single source of truth for contracts and matters
  • Contract lifecycle management including key dates, tasks and approval workflows
  • Integrated document and file management
  • Essential integrations with tools like MS Word & Outlook, the Google suite, signature tools and Salesforce
  • Intake and self service for business users

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Contracts and matters are better together

In this whitepaper we’ll examine:

  • the top five benefits of connecting contracts and matters
  • why now is the right time to connect contracts and matters
  • how to use a legal workspace to connect contracts and matters

Integrations - connecting legal with the business, literally.

Within the LawVu ecosystem you can enjoy a suite of integrations including Outlook, Gmail, Slack, MS Teams, Salesforce, DocuSign and many many more.

Matter management software for in-house legal counsel.

Legal teams using Matters manage all their matters, workflow and documents from one cloud-based platform. With improved productivity, collaboration and engagement with the business, they can focus more on being a key enabler in their organization.

Contract lifecycle management and automation software for in-house legal counsel.

Improve turn around times and reduce risk by managing both contracts and matters from a single legal workspace.