Take your productivity and efficiency to the next level with an enhanced LawVu legal workspace experience

Oct 31, 2022

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For busy in-house legal teams with growing workloads and increasing demand to do more with less, a single source of truth and a unified, centralized workspace saves valuable time with fast access to critical information and centralized workflows.

Our customers already tell us that LawVu’s legal workspace reduces admin overhead and gives them precious time back.

“Knowledge is power and LawVu increases our knowledge. It increases the speed and efficiency of accessing the knowledge that we have, as well as leverages the experience of team members in a more efficient and standardized manner.”
Matt Pentz — Assistant Town Attorney, Cary, NC

With the launch of our enhanced workspace experience, we introduce new features that make the teams and individuals working in LawVu day in and day out even more efficient.

Elevating user experience for increased efficiency

LawVu’s already loved user experience now provides even more powerful new ways to get more done.

Effective user experience design is key to ensuring a legal workspace provides value: ease of use makes individuals more efficient; good user experience drives adoption; an intuitive system makes implementation faster and easier, ensuring rapid time to value.

The updates in the latest release give you an even better, more efficient way to work with:

  • a new workspace hub that you can personalize using drag-and-drop widgets, so you can have the information that’s most important to you and the productivity tools you love most (like monthly planners, tasks and to-do lists) front and center;
  • refined navigation for faster access to your work, tasks, to-dos, important files and documents, and common areas that you access the most in LawVu; and
  • enhanced search and document management, so you can get to your files, documents, and contracts with fewer clicks and less effort.

“The new workspace is great — it adds yet another way to quickly get to the things we are working on. All the small time savings add up… so we can handle more work than we used to.”
Matt Pentz — Assistant Town Attorney, Cary, NC

The enhanced LawVu workspace experience is just the beginning

LawVu’s enhanced workspace experience is just the beginning, the start of the next generation of the legal workspace. LawVu listens to customer feedback and continuously invests in updates — creating modern, beautiful user experiences so customers can be more productive and efficient at work.

Learn more about the LawVu legal workspace and why it is a powerful system for in-house legal teams or book a personalized live demo to see LawVu in action

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