LawVu launches new portal to improve engagement & velocity between the legal team and wider business

Sep 21, 2022

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LawVu, the category defining legal workspace for in-house legal teams, today announced the official launch of its new configurable business portal. The advanced offering enhances engagement between the legal team and the wider business by providing the business with a streamlined interface and multiple self-service components, including end to end self-service contract creation directly from the portal.

Much like its workspace at large, LawVu’s business portal helps businesses streamline workflows, which is particularly important in today’s economic climate. With this improved experience with the legal department, the wider business can achieve their desired outcomes quicker, ultimately removing inefficiencies and improving commercial outcomes while managing risk – at scale.

On the legal side of the interface, teams can easily maintain a unified knowledge repository for the entire organization, provide approved self-service contract creation, control access to legal resources by role, team, and user, and customize the interaction between the legal team and the business side of operations.

“In today’s continually evolving world, both business and legal teams are busier than ever,” said Tim Boyne, Co-Founder of LawVu. “What we’ve created here is a way for legal teams to better support the business. This new functionality for the workspace allows teams to cut down on repetitive work and increase collaboration to create an organization that’s running at peak efficiency – which will be even more vital in the months to come. This is truly a tool for the whole business, and a way for companies to ensure lawyers are a true partner – not a blocker.”

Additional key features include guided workflows, contract uploads, embedded conversations and email files, e-signing tools and the ability to request legal review when needed. It also allows the legal team to capture data about their legal requests in a structured way so that reporting and workflow visibility is instant – no data entry required. The ability to understand where frequent legal work is coming from also enables teams to be far more proactive to continually optimize their service.

The business portal is available to LawVu customers now.

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