Legal spend management software with e-billing for in-house teams

Improve visibility, increase efficiency, and control your costs

Increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve outcomes with spend management in the LawVu legal workspace

From intake to invoicing, and right through to insights, LawVu’s legal spend management capabilities are a simple, effective way to control your legal spend and improve the way you work with legal service providers (LSPs) and outside counsel.

And because they’re tightly integrated into the leading workspace for in-house matter and contract management you’ll achieve extraordinary efficiency, visibility and ROI.

Complete visibility & control

With a single source of truth for all requests, matters, documents, knowledge, invoices, and contracts across your work in-house and with outside counsel, you’ll always have a handle on work in progress and actionable information at your fingertips.

Save time & money

With simple invoice submission and streamlined invoice review, you can speed up time to payment, improve reviews, and easily get the data and reporting you need to plan budgets and control spend.

Improve outcomes with outside counsel

Start every engagement with alignment to avoid surprises and build better relationships. Collaborate more efficiently while you work together. And get the data you need to evaluate performance and make informed decisions about outsourcing work.

Get up and running quickly

Traditional systems can be overly complex and hard to adopt, but with an intuitive system that’s designed specifically for in-house teams, ease of use, and flexible ways of working you’ll get value fast. It’s easy for your legal service providers too!
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Consolidated views and streamlined workflows for all your legal work

  • Get consolidated data and dashboards to report on risks, trends, and overall legal costs – for both internal and external workloads
  • Create a directory of your Legal Service Providers (LSPs) in your system of record
  • Easily capture your communications, spend, and work in progress with legal service providers in the same place as your in-house matters, contracts, documents and intake
  • Invite your LSPs to work with you in LawVu using shared matters, documents, contract creation, and contact review
  • Reduce email overload and keep everyone in the loop with embedded conversations, shared task management, and status updates

Invoicing efficiency and e-billing

  • Save time when your LSPs upload invoices to LawVu via LEDES or .pdf
  • Let your team easily add invoices to your digital system of record
  • AI-powered invoice extraction to save time and increase accuracy
  • Capture notes and descriptions
  • Streamline line item and attorney review
  • Reduce admin overhead with approval routing and invoice approval notifications
  • Real time cost transparency and reporting on work in progress

Proactive spend management

  • Easily configure LawVu to standardize data capture based on your organizational needs, matter types, and ways of working
  • Scope management to collaborate and align on budget and expectations
  • RFP management to save time and ensure you select the right LSP for the best outcome
  • A full suite of reports and in-app dashboards to understand spend, plan budgets, identify trends and opportunities, evaluate LSPs, and provide visibility to business partners.

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Use the LawVu Engage module to send Requests for Proposals to your outside counsel. All of the responses will flow back through LawVu where you can review and select your chosen RFP. Super easy.

A simple LSP experience

  • Add your LSPs to work with you in LawVu, at no cost to them
  • Intuitive user interface and workflows make it easy for your LSPs to upload invoices and engage with your team
  • Multiple levels of access and permissions for collaboration, e-billing and engagement
  • Onboarding documentation and videos to keep training and admin overhead low
  • 24/7 live chat support

Insights & reporting

Review and report on total legal spend.
  • Measure budget versus spend for effective spend management
  • Identify the type and volume of work, as well as the ratio of in-house work vs outsourced work for better decision making around staffing and budget planning
  • Interactive and highly visual dashboards for fast reporting
  • Multiple ways to access rich, actionable insights on other legal work such as matter management, vendor engagement, and spend from one place

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