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Revolutionize your legal team in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Use LawVu to replace spreadsheets and track who’s doing what

Step 2

Enter data to build out reports.

Step 3

Use LawVu to fully engage with internal clients and outside counsel

Focus on delivering and
displaying your true value

As pressures mount on corporate legal teams to deliver more for less, the need to operate more efficiently while displaying your value as a strategic partner grows.

But current tools aren’t fit for purpose and you didn’t train as a technologist. You need a risk-free solution now that ticks all the innovation boxes while letting you get back to doing what you’re good at. Being a great in-house lawyer.

One simple change gives visibility and control

Replace your manual legal instruction forms with our simple “New Matter” form when receiving instructions from internal clients, or when engaging outside counsel. Instructions become data that can be tracked, used and learned from instead of being lost forever in a sent items folder.

“The simple shift to sending instructions via LawVu has given me more control and total visibility of all legal work across my organisation”

MICHELLE PADDISON, Head of legal, Tauranga City Council

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