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Deciding to take control of the way your internal clients request advice is one of the most empowering things you can do.

Understanding who is sending requests, the type of work that is being undertaken, which department is placing the greatest load on your team or outside counsel, is a critical step in your legal operations journey.

But even more important is giving you team tools and templates to ensure they have considered and gathered all the required information before contacting your team.

Contract management

Contract management systems are traditionally complex and expensive. Not ours. LawVu has a simple contract automation, lifecycle management, notification and reporting suite that will transform the way your company manages contracts.

If contract management is your most pressing issue right now, choose LawVu knowing that you can seamlessly transition into our e-billing or matter management solution anytime

Matter Management

Every legal department no matter the size needs a system of record. There is too much risk to allow your department to be run from your inbox any longer.

Remove the stress of having to “stay on top of everything”

LawVu’s simple matter management solution fits seamlessly into your current workflow meaning very little buy-in is required from your team and internal clients. Fill your days with strategic thinking, not painful admin.

Outside counsel management

If outside counsel spend is out of control, LawVu’s e-billing and outside counsel engagement tools are the perfect place to start your legal operations journey.

We take all the hassle out of managing and analyzing spend so that you focus on building high-value relationships with your trusted partners.

LawVu also encourages a more collaborative and transparent way of working together that results in better outcomes, and measurable improvements in the value your legal department can deliver to your company.

Focus on delivering and
displaying your true value

As pressures mount on corporate legal teams to deliver more for less, the need to operate more efficiently while displaying your value as a strategic partner grows.

But current tools aren’t fit for purpose and you didn’t train as a technologist. You need a risk-free solution now that ticks all the innovation boxes while letting you get back to doing what you’re good at. Being a great in-house lawyer.

One simple change gives visibility and control

Replace your manual legal instruction forms with our simple “New Matter” form when receiving instructions from internal clients, or when engaging outside counsel. Instructions become data that can be tracked, used and learned from instead of being lost forever in a sent items folder.

“The simple shift to sending instructions via LawVu has given me more control and total visibility of all legal work across my organisation”

MICHELLE PADDISON, Head of legal, Tauranga City Council

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