How Legal Software is Helping In-house Legal Teams be Flexible and Work More Collaboratively

Jan 4, 2021

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Being flexible and working more collaboratively

If there’s anything that recent times have taught us, it’s that the future of work must be flexible. 

Why is flexible working important?

The old paradigm of the nine-to-five workday at the office is fast becoming a relic of the 20th and early 21st century. Through a forced global trial period we’ve learnt that flexible work isn’t just an idealistic pipe dream. 

With the right technology in place, flexible work is possible and can actually boost a company’s output and morale. Flexible work has been shown to be more inclusive and reflective of the needs of a diverse workforce – including young families – to increase productivity, and increase employee engagement and wellbeing.

Flexible working with LawVu

One of the key barriers to creating a successful, flexible workplace is the increased difficulty in communicating with employees who aren’t on-site. This year, LawVu addressed that very hurdle with their new, updated Conversations tool which enables legal teams to have more flexibility by giving them the ability to communicate on all matters in real-time – even when they’re not all present in the same office at the same time. Conversations consolidate all employee emails, matter comments and chats into one easy-to-access universal sidebar.

The feature was born out of the company’s own need to create a digital messaging service which would augment their team’s communications while working remotely during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown. 

We knew that by solving our own problems, we would be solving the problems of our customers who would be struggling with the same thing because of what’s happening in the world.

We’ve all had to figure out how to work from home and across time zones. Real-time communication will really change the game for in-house teams, as well as add more visibility for the entire time on everything.”

Tim Boyne, LawVu’s Co-Founder. 


Timing matters too – companies that enable flexible working sooner than their counterparts will gain competitive advantage. As Bain & Company note, “Moving forward, as Covid-19 restrictions ease and tighten in cycles, having a foundation in place to support organisational agility will be a competitive advantage.”

There is still some way to go before flexible working becomes the universal new normal, but with the right software at hand, companies and their in-house legal teams can make the transition early and start reaping the benefits earlier than their counterparts too.

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