Key 2024 Technology Trends for Legal Leaders

Drawing on key insights* from the 2024 In-house Legal Technology Report, read on to discover the challenges and priorities, including perceptions and plans around the adoption of legal tech for legal leaders in 2024, and see how your team compares to the latest findings.

Staffing concerns emerge as the number one challenge facing legal teams

The number one challenge facing legal teams this year is staffing - particularly when it comes to hiring and retaining talent. 

Continuity in the delivery of your legal services and support throughout times of change can pose risk and disruption to your legal function. As a legal leader, consider the strategies you have in place to navigate staffing challenges, including your investment in legal tech. With the right tech you can maintain continuity and visibility across workloads, as well as leverage data to make staffing decisions, reducing disruption, risk, and impact to your legal function.

Increasing efficiency is the top priority

The priority for legal teams over the next few years is to increase efficiency in order to handle larger volumes of work.

With increasing workloads turning up the pressure, legal leaders should prioritize adoption of technology and processes which improve efficiency and productivity without delay. Identifying where the pain points are within your legal function will give you a clearer path to either creating a technology roadmap, or to maximize the value of your existing legal tech investment to support greater efficiency. 

An overwhelming majority believe AI is a positive thing for in-house legal

Fifty-four percent of respondents, including legal leaders, believe increased efficiency and productivity is the biggest benefit that AI brings to their legal team. Only nine percent believe there is no benefit or aren't sure either way.

As you consider AI adoption, keep in mind that improved efficiency means less risk and distraction for your team - and more time for high-value strategic work. As a leader, having a basic understanding of key AI use cases and opportunities also helps you guide your team and navigate potential risks. 

*Research was conducted during October 2023 among legal professionals across the US, UK and Australia to uncover the current state of legal tech and the impact on workflow efficiencies and business objectives.

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