Introducing Sharepoint integration to the LawVu legal workspace

Aug 31, 2022

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Save time and make business collaboration even easier.

In-house legal teams use a legal workspace as their central source of truth, yet there are many other tools that the business is already using. That’s why integrations are essential, enabling you to maintain a seamless workflow, collaborate with the business and get all the information you need into your legal workspace, with less effort.

A new integration with Sharepoint is the latest addition to the list of valuable integrations in the LawVu legal workspace. It provides seamless and automatic syncing of files between LawVu and Sharepoint, enabling in-house legal teams to be more efficient and collaborative without disrupting work.

Documents are often at the heart of legal matters. Creating, storing, and referencing files and documents within LawVu is a core workflow and key to effectively managing matters in a single source of truth. When an organization uses Sharepoint as a central document repository and point of collaboration between legal and the business or external contacts, the integration enables the legal team to capture critical information and files and keep them up to date in LawVu, while everything stays in sync as business users continue to work in their usual place. Win win.

This means:

  • you can easily work in LawVu and create a single source of truth without having to jump between systems;
  • you’ll improve the collaboration between legal teams and business users by enabling business users access to important documents without disrupting work;
  • you’ll save time and effort and minimize the risk associated with managing multiple copies of documents in various locations; and
  • if your organization uses Sharepoint as a trusted repository, this integration ensures that compliance with Information Systems standards are met.

Getting Sharepoint up and running is easy. If you are an existing LawVu user, read these help articles to learn how.

“We’re excited to add Sharepoint integration because many customers have asked for it and it rounds out our suite of MS integrations … letting legal teams implement a legal workspace in a way that is supportive, not disruptive of existing workflows ….”
Brendan Knowles, Senior Product Manager

LawVu customers already enjoy integrations with other Microsoft Office Suite products including Outlook, Word and Teams, so the new Sharepoint integration is an extension of LawVu’s commitment being a solution specifically for the in-house legal team as well as the wider business.

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