Knowledge Management

Raise the legal I.Q. of your organization

Turn your effort into insight

Our mission is to ensure you never have to prepare or pay for the same piece of advice twice. We capture everything as structured data, then we help you to curate it and present it back to your organization as legal knowledge.

End-user portal

The holy grail. Finally, a usable system that turns your effort into re-usable resources to delight your internal clients, reduce time to resolution, and dramatically transform the value you provide. Self-service forms and curated knowledge base articles can be presented inside our end-user portal.

Everything captured as structured data.

You don’t need to be a data engineer to create a knowledge management system. LawVu fits into your existing workflow, capturing and indexing your effort, so that when you’re ready, you have a mountain of structured data to work with. If that’s not enough we’ve added matter and document tagging for even richer meta-data which enables a more comprehensive knowledge management system.

Global search changes everything.

Right now, finding historical advice requires multiple different searches across inboxes, My Documents folders, document management systems, contract management systems and even desperate calls to outside counsel. With LawVu, everything is in one connected system, so a single search inside LawVu’s knowledge management system will help you find what you’re looking for.