About us

Our founding team came together around a single question…

“How can we help to rebuild the trust relationship between lawyers and their clients?”

We knew that a few bad apples had soured the entire barrel for lawyers, but we also knew that most law firms don’t create conditions that help to change opinions. We knew there was a better way but it had to be something that appealed to both clients and their service providers or it would never get any traction.

The theory was that if we give clients the better tools for managing their legal problems, and that helped them work more transparently and collaboratively with their existing service providers, the world would be a better place.

Sam, Tim, Shaun and Mark started working on a Prototype of LawVu in 2015.

2015 was a great year that had us researching hard, building and testing MVP’s, learning a ton about the market and doing whatever we could to kill the idea. It seemed too obvious. Clients were literally telling us exactly the same thing they’d been telling their lawyers for years, we were just making it happen.

By 2016 we had laser focused on a target market and were confident enough to go all in, hire developers and launch. We got our first customers, started building out our network of innovative legal service providers that are willing to engage with their clients via LawVu (and even ended up with some that wanted to pay us for the product so that they could share it with other clients) and had built an all star team.

It’s still early days, but we go on from here now knowing we’re solving real problems in an industry that has real pain. LawVu is committed to helping clients, to¬†solve their legal problems and be the best they can be.