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61% of in-house legal teams spend over one hour per day jumping between systems to gain a complete view of their work. That's why we built LawVu.


What is a Connected Legal Function?

Designed to bring legal back to the heart of the business, the ‘Connected Legal Function’ empowers in-house legal professionals through connection, optimizing workflow, and technology. When your legal function understands the business and the business understands the legal function — that’s when the true magic happens!

In-house legal teams operating within this new way of working are:

  • Connected to work and team
    Optimize workflows and team collaboration to better manage volume & complexity of work and free time up.
  • Connected to the wider business
    Develop a deep understanding of the business and engage meaningfully with stakeholders.
  • Connected to business outcomes
    Step outside of what's 'strictly legal' and focus on enabling the business to achieve its strategic objectives.

This new methodology provides the insights, tools, and behaviors necessary to empower your legal team to engage more with the business, showcase their value, and refocus on why you went in-house in the first place.

The importance of a legal workspace

The Connected Legal Function prescribes four steps to becoming more connected, around which LawVu’s legal workspace is designed:

  • Optimize productivity to stay on top of their workload, manage complexity and free up time
  • Optimize engagement to build relationships and better understand business context
  • Be proactive to get ahead of issues before they arise
  • Focus on the impact on business outcomes and showcasing legal’s value to the business

With a legal workspace, like LawVu, in-house teams are further empowered to connect to their work and broader business through a unified collection of collaboration and productivity tools. Built specifically for in-house legal teams, a legal workspace is designed to bring legal back to the heart of the business, all while optimizing productivity, engagement, proactivity and impact.

A single consolidated system of record

For ultimate time savings, visibility, and control.

Self-service and intake system

Empower the business, reduce time spent on back and forth and capture data without attorney disruption.

Integrates with enterprise tools

Align with the way your business works and improve collaboration.

Reporting and analytics

Be more proactive and demonstrate the legal team’s impact on the business.

“Having an end-to-end solution was certainly a part of the decision to go with LawVu.”

Rosanna Biggs
General Counsel at Linktree

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