We put data security at the forefront of everything that we do because we understand that your data is sensitive and valuable. Here are some of the ways LawVu keeps your data secure.

User Access

You are in the driving seat! As an organisation you have complete control over who you invite into your account and total flexibility when it comes to giving users access to individual matters. You can further control access by using roles and permission settings within LawVu.


As an organisation you can decide how you want your users to be authenticated:

    • Standard username and password login:
      New users are invited into LawVu by an existing user and are asked to complete their account set up and choose their own password.
    • Microsoft single sign on:
      This option requires your organisation to be running Office365 in the Cloud. Your IT team will have full control over who can and cannot access LawVu via your Microsoft account. Once they have been given access, roles and permissions can still be used within LawVu to control access to particular data inside the application.
    • Two-factor authentication:
      As an additional security measure, we recommend two-factor authentication be used for logging in to your LawVu account. This involves users being asked to enter a unique code that gets sent to their phone or email each time they are required to log in.
      Organisations can choose whether or not to enforce this extra security layer.


All data that passes between you and LawVu is encrypted using industry-standard security protocols. LawVu also encrypts all databases, backups and transaction logs at rest.


LawVu is delivered via extremely secure and reliable Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.

All LawVu data is replicated in real time from our primary servers to a secondary data region so that in the unlikely event of a complete outage at a data center we can transition operations over to our secondary location.


Individual database backups are retained for a minimum of one year.

LawVu operates a point-in-time restore backup facility. This allows us, should there be a corruption, to restore a historical version of the entire database from any point within the previous 30-day period.

Security Audits

We partner with industry-leading security vendors so we can leverage their expertise and knowledge as well as have them perform third party security audits on our entire platform. This helps to ensure that we continue to maintain the highest possible security standards at all times.

For more information, send an email to requesting a copy of our full security pack.