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Customer Story

"We were attracted to LawVu as it’s built specifically for in-house legal teams, rather than private practice.

Everyone in the legal team at The Co-op is using LawVu now. Before LawVu, there was a significant risk around documentation - it was scattered throughout emails. I now have a much more robust record of what’s happening, and LawVu has reduced our exposure for not having complete matters."

Andrew Hay Head of Operations, Legal & Secretariat at The Co-op
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The most comprehensive and user-friendly matter management software for in-house legal teams.

Legal counsel using LawVu Matters manage all their matters, workflow and documents from one cloud-based platform driving efficiency and transparency, meaning they can focus more on being a key enabler in their organization.

Single source of truth

Your system of record for all matters, documents and emails.

Greater efficiency

Improved efficiency and turn-around times

Increased collaboration

LawVu is built around collaboration and ease of use which helps improve transparency with the wider business.

Stronger remote teams

LawVu is cloud-based and designed to work with remote teams.
Whitepaper - True value of matter management

For legal operations to bring success, three elements need to align - people, process, and technology.

It’s near impossible to bring these elements together without a system of record, and that’s where matter management becomes an essential component of legal operations. In this whitepaper we discuss what matter management is, why it matters and where to start.


Manage workflow and efficiency.

  • Manage and triage intake from internal clients/business units
  • Track matters (internal and external matters)
  • Assign tasks, due dates and actions to team mates
  • Check the status of matters
  • Link people to matters
  • Configurable matter and intake fields to align with the way your team works
  • Time/fee tracking (optional add-on). Record time and report on matter cost
  • Automate task flow templates
  • Create to-do lists
  • Configurable reminders
Lawvu matter management workflow
Information management section in Lawvu matter management solution

Information management

Centralised system of record of all details, documents and emails relating to each matter.

  • Document storage linking to matters
  • Search and filter matters and documents to quickly surface the information you need
  • Configurable views for different users such as lawyers/attorneys, general counsel, and legal operations personnel
  • Personal dashboards to understand team capacity and resource allocation
  • Store emails against matters


A collaborative workspace for all stakeholders.

  • Conversations within each matter
  • Collaborate with vendors/outside counsel
  • Keep track of matter status and documents easily and securely
  • Collaborate with in-house lawyers/attorneys and other in-house professionals.
  • Add users to matters
Collaborate using Lawvu matter management solution
LawVu legal operations software is ISO27001 Compliant
LawVu legal operations software is SOC2 Compliant
LawVu legal operations software complies with GDPR
LawVu is a member of the Cloud Security Alliance

Trusted and secure

  • Secure cloud-based platform - SOC1 and SOC2 compliant, and ISO27001 certified
  • Accessible on desktop, tablet or mobile device
  • Fast and easy implementation and onboarding
  • World-class customer success and support
Case study
The University of Tasmania simplifies matter management with LawVu.

The University of Tasmania simplifies matter management with LawVu.