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A paradigm shift in client collaboration

LawVu is a software platform that is revolutionizing the way corporate legal departments manage every aspect of their operations, including the way they engage with outside counsel.

Our intuitive system sits in between legal teams and their trusted external advisors, replacing the chaos of email, phone calls, and other ad-hoc systems for everything from sending status updates, to e-billing and monthly reporting.

LawVu works alongside law firms existing practice management and communication systems to transform the way they collaborate with their top clients.

“We now get agreement on a scope of work in minutes. Our monthly reporting burden has disappeared, write-offs are down and our LawVu clients are really happy.”

Partner, Holland Beckett lawyers

Adapt and thrive

Times are changing. Corporate legal departments are undergoing a seismic shift in the way they manage every aspect of their operations. As pressure mounts to reduce spend, its important your firm, and the value you provide can stand apart.

Embracing LawVu as your firm’s tool of choice for collaborating with your corporate clients, is a great way to show them just how willing you are to innovate, and transform the value you can provide as a trusted partner.

Don’t get left behind

The position of Law firms as the primary service provider is being challenged in new ways. Never before has the threat of disruption seemed so real. As “New Law” firms pop-up and offer innovative, client-focused service delivery models, it’s imperative that your firm innovates to maintain relevance.

Find out how LawVu can work
for you and your clients.

One login

All your LawVu clients in a single interface, with a single dashboard to manage them all

Managed services

LawVu is the tool that will seamlessly integrate your managed services into your clients workflows

Easy status updates

Add or request status updates on all the matters you are responsible for in minutes


Not all firms are willing to innovate. Be bold. Adapt and thrive.

Reduce write-offs

Get agreement on scope changes dynamically, making invoicing a painless exercise

Outlook integrated

We know you live in Outlook. Don’t worry, so does LawVu

Ultimate client portal

Your existing client portal doesn’t do you any favours. LawVu is transforming client collaboration.


Get instant feedback, view performance data and spot trends with your top clients

Reporting & E-Billing

Automated reporting via our batch invoicing and E-Billing tools drastically reduce administrative effort