Matter Management

LawVu is matter management built for in-house legal teams

Never lose sight of the things that matter.

Staying on top of a growing workload is hard. LawVu helps you to triage, manage and track legal issues and requests from internal clients, reduce turn-around times for contracts and transactional work, and produce reports so that the next time someone blames legal for holding things up, you can respond with real data. Get started in minutes, improve forever.

A clearer view of your matters

Switch between personal and company-wide views of all outstanding legal issues. Filter matters by work type, risk, department and financial measures then drill into matters to get an instant understanding of the problem that needs solving, progress to date, the current status and the people involved in the matter.

Start every day by stepping into your legal cockpit

Whether you’re General Counsel or a legal administrator, everything that matters to you is displayed and accessible via our intuitive, personalized dashboards.

Triage inbound effortlessly

Our intake tools and self-service options are designed to reduce the amount of back and forth required to solve problems and ensuring that legal requests are well structured and easy to process.

Legal project management has never made more sense

Legal project management (LPM) is in our DNA. We believe the future of law will be more strategic and collaborative. LawVu’s matter management system starts as a simple issue tracking tool but has all the power of a fully functional project management platform.

Record time. Just not in 6-minute increments

Our simple time recording tools help you allocate time to particular matters and our reports help communicate your value. The ability to allocate yourself a nominal hourly rate means its easy to show exactly how much the work would cost if outside counsel were engaged.

Documents managed

LawVu documents can be stored, shared and searched. Save documents within the context of the matter that they belong to.  Save hours searching for historical files and amplify the value of advice by ensuring your valuable IP isn’t lost in an archived inbox forever.