Contract Management

Userfriendly contract management for in-house legal teams

Contract management and matter management.
Connected for the first time.

Contracts and Matters are, by nature, interconnected. When our clients told us their in-house legal teams have been working in multiple software to open matters and generate contracts, we logically decided to build LawVu to communicate seamlessly and handoff data between these two core pillars of the in-house legal function. Contract Management and Matter Management in LawVu work together to save time, increase efficiency and ultimately deliver department transparency.

Contract automation

We can publish forms to help your team and internal clients to create drafts of documents in seconds. But we can do more. Imagine creating a matter that automatically creates a project plan, assigns work, and drafts contracts. Because we can do that too.


Our contract repository mimics the power and simplicity of our matter management system. In fact, they’re connected, so not only are contracts stored in a central, searchable database, you can create contracts inside matters.

Contract management: lifecycles

Managing contract lifecycles is made simple with lawVu. Expired contracts are a huge risk to your organization and a massive opportunity for your competition. Our contract dashboard and notifications system ensure this never happens again.


We work with a growing network of best-of-breed integration partners that add tremendous value to our contract management system. Everything from digital signing, to red-lining and even A.I. contract review.


Because LawVu is a single connected platform, we’ve added a comprehensive suite of contract management reports to our reporting suite that sit alongside all the other beautiful, insightful reports produced in LawVu.

Helping you to focus on the high level contract work

Contracts can be as complex as the human language, and legal counsel need the tools to ease the administrative burden to focus on the legal stuff. LawVu developed functionality to help you manage approval processes, audit trails, send contract for execution in a one central system.

Enterprise search

Search the entire LawVu database for keywords or phrases to see at a glance if they are part of files, emails or contracts. Having all your contracts in a central location makes searching for a contract efficient and reliable.

Empower internal clients

There are occasions when you may wish to enable your client to prepare a contract with standard terms, such as a NDA. In LawVu, you can set your clients up to help themselves. You may wish to review it before it goes to, but whether you give full contract creation power or partial, you are empowering your client to work in a more efficient way.