E-billing integration

Integrate your e-billing tool with the most intuitive and user-friendly matter management software that handles intake, work assignment and integrates with Gmail/Outlook.

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We’re currently collecting registrations of interest in an integration with e-billing tools (such as Legal Tracker, Simple Legal or Brightflag for example). Such an integration could drastically reduce manual administrative tasks for in-house attorneys and streamline the flow of work from intake right through to e-billing.

Matter intake

  • Handle legal requests from outside the legal team
  • Streamlined request forms built for business users
  • Intake queues for in-house legal work assignment

Matter management

  • Customizable matter grid views for quick access to data and easy updating
  • Ability to update key matter fields directly from the grid view
  • Matter conversations for efficient communication between in-house legal, business users, and outside counsel without leaving LawVu
  • Unlimited customizable matter fields


  • Outlook/Gmail plugin to quickly move email requests and information to matters in LawVu
  • Matter creation from email
  • GDrive and Box integrations

Document storage

  • Ability to upload new versions and have a version history in the single document (rather than having to see multiple versions in the folder)
  • Comprehensive search engine for data within matters and document text
  • Document folders and subfolders (can template per matter type)

Unlock the rest of LawVu

  • Data Insights - real time dashboards providing easy to read data visualizations with the ability to quickly drill down to more granular data
  • Manage contracts as well with LawVu Contracts module
  • LawVu knowledge base

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Integrate with the most intuitive and user-friendly matter management software for in-house counsel.