CodeView is an exciting coding challenge day to give you a chance to meet our awesome local software companies looking for summer interns!

Mon, October 18, 2021
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM NZST

148 Durham Street, Tauranga

Join us for an exciting programming challenge day 🎉 and be in for a chance to win some awesome prizes, and get exposure to some of Tauranga's top software companies looking for summer interns!

What is CodeView?

This is a full-day "hackathon" challenge where you'll be put into teams and everyone given a challenge to complete together. While the aim of the day is to have fun, write code and solve a problem, this is also your chance to meet some awesome local software companies who are all on the look out for summer interns or grads.

Who is this for?

This event is aimed for grads or students in their 2nd+ year of study, but is open to anyone who is studying computer science or recently graduated, or similar education.

What skills do I need to participate?

All related software skills are welcome! We'll be putting you in teams on the day and teams need back end and front end engineers (or best of both worlds, full stack!) as well as data scientists and analytics.

What can I expect from the day?

We'll kick off at 9am, hand out the swag, put you in teams, introduce you to the challenge. We'll break for morning tea and lunch, but otherwise you'll get the day to work together to get the right number of fails - with support from engineers from LawVu and the supporting companies. Tools down will be 3pm, we'll have an afternoon tea and then bring in our hive mind of judges to review the code before the teams present their solution, show off the UI and any analytics they've done.

You'll bring yourself, laptop + power adapter, and drink bottle. We'll supply the fuel.

What internships could be available?

There's a wide range of internship positions that are opening up for the summer, this is your chance to get a foot in the door on those! Internships are in software development (back and front end), hardware development, machine learning/AI, and analytics.

Also just remember that we're not looking necessarily for the winning team members to fill these roles; we'll be observing throughout the day to see what individuals would best fit our company's culture, values, and skillset.

This event is brought to you by LawVu, with support from Landkind, Bluelab, SwipedOn, and PlantTech Research Institute.