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UX/UI Designer

New Zealand

We are looking for a talented UX/UI Designer to join our rapidly growing team.

Are you a passionate, motivated individual who enjoys working collaboratively and as a team with product managers, engineers, marketers and the client all while taking charge in delivering simple, intuitive and delightful experiences to the end user?

As a UX/UI designer in our team you’ll be responsible for delivering world class human centered designs, improving usability, accessibility and of course enjoyment to the user across our product.

You must show experience in designing, testing, iterating and exhibit a willingness to learn. This opportunity will allow you to express and test your creative genius across several methods from early stage mock ups and wireframes through to final UI designs and user testing. You’ll also work closely with the engineering team to ensure the quality and execution of your designs are understood as they move through the development process.


  • Work closely with all stakeholders (Product Managers, Subject Matter Experts, Engineers, Product Marketing and Customers) to understand both the business and the customers needs.
  • Communicate on the status of work and recommendations to the responsible Product Manager
  • Use research & testing techniques to gain an understanding of problems and validate ideas
  • Help to bridge the gap between the business problem and the technical solution, specifically:
    • Understanding the critical requirements of the solution
    • Simplify complex problems
  • Owning and maintaining the quality of the design areas you are responsible for, including all documentation & design systems relating to those areas
  • Have the highest awareness of the legal and security ramifications of the nature of our business as, the data we manage is highly sensitive
  • Contribute to a friendly, inclusive and collaborative team culture
  • Understand and live the core values of the company
  • You are expected to be involved with customers, users, Software Engineers, Design and QA Personnel and other parts of the business to create requirements and proposed solutions and provide input into these processes (which may include, but are not limited to, ideation, algorithms, processes and feature design) which may produce intellectual property that belongs to LawVu
  • You will be expected to be conducting research, analyzing product and user trends, deriving insights and creating product requirements (which may include, but are not limited to, processes, designs, and automation in the form of code, documentation or scripts) that is then incorporated into LawVu products, or the process of building products. This work may produce intellectual property that belongs to Lawvu.


Typical Experience

Bachelor’s Degree in relevant field of study


  • Competent in UI/UX tools and techniques (Figma and/or Sketch)
  • Ability to demonstrate an understanding of user research and usability testing
  • Strong portfolio of UI case studies
  • Basic understanding of HTML/CSS and development processes is a plus
  • Strong willingness to contribute to a positive and friendly culture
  • Understand and have worked with design systems, component libraries and brand guidelines
About Lawvu & our Culture

LawVu is a modern software platform that is revolutionizing the way corporate legal teams manage legal and engage with the wider business. LawVu is creating a true legal operating system. We’re helping in-house legal teams to reduce risk while providing massive productivity gains along with cloud technology to share and collaborate on files. We have both clients and staff around the world so if you enjoy working in a fast based entrepreneurial environment then you are the person we are looking for.

Our team is only as strong as the culture it is built upon. Our core values are listed below.

If our core values resonate with you and have the skills and desire to get your teeth stuck into a real challenge then we would love to welcome you to the team.

Dig deeper

LawVu was founded to bring greater honesty and integrity to the legal industry – so it makes sense that we ourselves, are good, honest people. We believe in staying humble, and realise that we all have a lot to learn, no matter who we are. We believe in acknowledging others and giving credit where it’s due. Find the “truth” Listen carefully Question intently Connect with empathy Be honest and transparent.

Challenge each other. Respectfully.

Back yourself. Back others.

At LawVu, we are inspired by ‘impossibilities’. To make the ‘impossible’ a reality, each and every one of us must think like a problem solver – erasing the word ‘can’t’ from our minds. There is always a way to overcome challenges and we won’t rest until we’ve found it. If we can’t find the right path, that’s when it’s time to build a new one. Trust in our individual expertise. Grab opportunities. Embrace challenges. Mistakes happen. Own them. Learn from them, spread the knowledge. Be truthful. Be helpful. Be kind. Celebrate your successes.

We are a tribe, we win as a team.

Move swiftly. Create simplicity.

To reach our full potential it is vital that every team member own their actions. To own your actions is to embrace responsibility, show leadership and take initiative. To ‘put our name on it’ is also to take pride in everything we do – from our results to our customer service and quality of solutions. Do the things that matter most. Be fluid and flexible If you can solve a problem, solve it now. Optimise the important.

Design for scalability.

Bring your whole self.

We are passionate about what we do and we work hard to deliver results. In saying that, we are serious about striking a healthy work/life balance. We know that our work improves as a result of feeling content both inside and out of the office and encourage the team to work the hours that suit their situation. We also believe flexibility and fresh thinking hold the key to future growth. It is up to each of us to champion new ideas and approach change with an open mind.

Bring your personality Bring your quirks. Bring your diversity. Bring your smile. Enjoy the adventure.