We’ve added a couple of very cool new features to help you stay on top of growing LawVu workloads.

Waiting on you

Firstly, we’ve added new badge that sits on you dashboard and lets you know if something is “Waiting on you” to progress scoping. There is also a new “Waiting on” column in the new matter list columns.


Please note: The badge only appears when its needed

New columns in the matter list

columns in LawVu

Ever wanted to see the value of unbilled fees on matters due to close this month? Perhaps the fees to date on matters that you own or manage?

If so, this is the update for you. We’ve added a bunch of columns to the matter list that you can manipulate in app, or export to excel or Power BI to have your way with.

Here’s the full list that can be accessed via the small grid icon at the top right of any matter list:

Let us know if you’d like to see more columns there or if you have any feedback on these updates.