Legal teams love using LawVu, but it only helps them to manage the issues that are in the system.

So we developed a web-based legal instruction form that internal clients can use to send work directly into LawVu!

And they don’t need to use LawVu, or login, it can all happen from your intranet.

Legal Instruction Form

Heres how it works:

Step 1 – A client sends an issue using the form

Step 2 – Members of the legal team can Triage incoming unassigned issues


NOTE: To implement this feature it is suggested that you work with your IT Team.

To use this feature, an organisation admin for your LawVu account needs to visit the Organisation > Settings > Integrations page and decide whether you want to publish a link, or embed the form in an existing webpage. For example, on Sharepoint.

Once you’ve made your decision you can copy to appropriate code and implement.