Today’s release is intended to simplify management of users in your organisation, as well as allowing us to create features for specific users types in LawVu.

It is a very important update especially if you are the organisation administrator for your LawVu account.

New User Roles & Permissions

Roles and permissions in LawVu
All your users within your LawVu account will now have one of a number of available roles.

Please note: All existing user accounts have been migrated to the appropriate role but we recommend double checking within your account.
Each role carries a set of available permissions, with some default selections so it’s important that Administrators review these within the Organisation > All People section.

The new roles for organisations are as follows:

  • Standard User
  • Instructor
  • In-house Legal
  • Organisation Administrator

Standard User:
These are users that will only use LawVu occasionally and will have limited permissions within your LawVu account. They can create and own matters, however they can not assign matters to Matter Managers outside your organisation.

Instructors are members of you organisation with the ability to instruct outside counsel directly. In the context of LawVu, it means that they can create matters and assign them to external Matter Managers.

In-House Legal:
These users are the heart and soul of LawVu. In-House legal users have the ability to be assigned as a Matter Manger within your organisation. They also have the permission to assign matters to external law firms and have access to growing list of role specific features such as the “Unassigned” matters list (triage) and time entries.

Organisation Administrators:
Administrators have full control of your organisations account and will can manage the roles and permissions within your organisations LawVu account.

Managing Roles & Permissions

These new roles and permissions are found by clicking into a user from the People tab within your account. You will see here in the people list the role that a person belongs to on the right.
To edit this role and the associated permissions, Org Amins, just need to click on the person in the list they wish to edit. Clicking on the role name will revel all the available roles. Select one to revel all the permissions for that role. Once you have set the correct role set for the person you and then fine tune the default permissions. Some permissions can’t be revoked due to the users allocated role.

If you have any questions at all about these new permissions and roles within your account, please feel free to get in contact with us via the green button at the bottom of your account, or you can reply directly to this email.

Other updates:

  • All users can now setup their matter delegates from their people page.
  • Fixed bug with assigning matters to yourself
  • Fixed bug with moving matters from completed back to active
  • Rolled up view of organisations within people tab in matters
  • Ability to now select an in-house lawyer from the one page legal request form
  • Added filtering to the My Tasks page
  • As always we hope you enjoy these new update to your LawVu account.

All the best