This means that all invoices from your service providers or as a law firm to your LawVu clients can be processed and uploaded from the one location.  This makes it faster and easier to upload invoices and view them against matters during billing.

 There are 2 key aspects that may relate to you.

  1. Invoice Entry
  2. Reviewing invoices

Global invoice permission

To access this new feature you must first get your account administrator to turn on access for this new feature from with the organisation people section.

In-house users reviewing Invoices

If your service provider uploads invoices to LawVu instead of sending them to you, then you can now view them all in one place (instead of having to go into each matter). From here you can download invoices, view their approval status (if your organisation uses the invoice approval workflow feature) or forward invoices via email to a contact. To bulk email invoices to a contact, just use the check boxes on the left to select multiple rows first.

Invoice review

This new feature sits in the Organisation section. To access, simply click on the organisation icon in the left navigation menu then on top nav click on “Invoices”.

Accessing Global invoices for a client

As a service provider in LawVu this new feature sits under the client section in the left menu. Just click on the client you wish to upload invoices for, then in the top nav click on invoices.

At the top of the invoice page is where you can start entering in new invoices for your client across all matters that you are billing for. You can search for matters to attach invoices for by:

  • Mater Name
  • LawVu ID
  • Matter Manager ID

Once you have selected the correct matter enter in the details of the invoice and then attached the invoice file and save the entry.

(TIP: you can drag and drop a invoice file on to the upload button as well to attach the invoice ) 

This page also lets you filter the invoices that are being displayed by using the column filters.

You also have the option to bulk download as well as to bulk email invoices to a contact as well. Just use the check boxes on the left to select multiple rows.

Other update in this releases:

  • New columns in matter lists
  • Fixed bug with amend button not appearing for delegates
  • Org Admins can’t demote themselves
  • Quick find Matter
  • Added ‘Cost Center’ box in additional matter details
  • “Full matter access” badge on people lists

Invoice approval

If you are not currently using the invoice approval system in your LawVu account but you are keen to learn what this is and how it could integrate into your current payment and billing systems please give us a call to discuss further on +64 (0)7 9250388