The biggest pain-point for in-house legal & how Legal Tech can solve it

Nov 25, 2016

Reading Time: 2 minutes

There seems to be a wave of legal tech these days as software developers look for market opportunities that are yet to be exploited. Project Management disciplines that were adopted by enterprise, are finding their way into the legal space too, along with the rise of AI. However, the more I’m working with internal legal teams within enterprise and government, the more I realise that these innovations are missing a key pain point.

Untamed communication.

Communication seems to be a significant ailment and the start of where the chaos begins. If instructions are being issued by email, then obviously, responses will arrive the same way. While we are all adept to using email, it does demand time to sort and organise it, especially if we wish to reference the contents at a future date. Time seems to slip away while in-house legal teams play phone tag with external advisors and internal teams to seek updates on matters, additional headaches are also being created trying to find documentation or previous correspondence easily. I’m also seeing issues arising where various departments seek external legal advice without going through general counsel. So, it’s not uncommon for the same piece of work to be requested by different departments within an organisation which results in duplicate unnecessary charges.

Although these issues are all frustrating, there is a potentially very real business risk that they obscure. If a calamity should occur, and in-house counsel were unable to return to work, how would the business get across all the matters in play? Would it be easy to determine what matters had been instructed, with whom, and the status of these matters for an easy follow up? If matters have been instructed via email, the answer is probably not.

As business consultants, we embrace technology that encourages lean, simple processes and risk containment. Which is why LawVu caught our attention in the legal space, it’s not only addressing the core pain points, but it only takes minutes (not days or weeks) to understand the simplicity of the system and to start using it. LawVu’s focus on the client side of legal tech is enabling in-house legal teams to have stronger relationships with their external and internal teams through seamless collaboration. They’re also able view the status of all legal matters in play across their organisation, manage workflows more efficiently, reduce time compiling reports (eliminating billing surprises), and share files, this improves decision making by pulling key metrics important to an organisation out, at the touch of a button.

One of the best things companies can do is to walk in the shoes of their customer and LawVu has captured this beautifully. If you have an in-house legal team and would like to understand more about this affordable software visit their website

For those located in New Zealand, LawVu is being demonstrated in Wellington, Wednesday 1st of December at the Wellington Club in a one-hour show and tell. So, if you’re interested in coming along, let me know and I will arrange a complimentary ticket for you and/or your team.